August 2017
We have the sweetest kitten from Pam’s cattery! She knew the color we desired plus the gender, so when he was born Pam emailed me only minutes after his birth. She would send videos and pictures that made us feel we were there watching him grow. From the moment he arrived she called him by his name, so when we got to bring him home three (long) months later, we found Boris to quickly respond to our calling, making the transition so smooth. Pam cares about her cats and it shows in their loving personalities and healthy coats of hair. I’m so thankful we found her, and Boris!
Diana and Alan, NC

September 24, 2016
You deliver the very best cats in the world! My wife named her “Goofy.” 🙂 She was a Godsend to my wife who would pet her on her lap for hours at a time! She is so lovable– the spitting image of her mother. My wife passed away last month and now Goofy is my family. As soon as I sit in a chair she jumps on my lap. She’s such a happy cat. She purrs just sitting in the same room with me or walking down the hall with me.

My daughter, Veronica, also passed away last month. Ivan was her precious buddy and companion for two years. She loved him so much. He slept with her every night. He gave her so much love, joy, and comfort during her battle with brain cancer.

I’d love to have a companion for Goofy since I live alone now. I’d want another female, preferably silver but I’m flexible.

Thank you!
Bob Wood – NC

September 2, 2015
We are extremely happy with Kuzy! She is a joy to have in the house….spending time with all five of us equally. She loves to be in the room where the party is….not hiding like the average cat would do. She is equally as playful as she is loveable and has the loudest purr I could imagine! My husband who has an extreme asthmatic reaction to cats has not had any issues at all! He plays with her and loves on her constantly! Pam was wonderful and allowed us to spend 2 hours in her home with her 3 adult cats and 2 litters in order to test his allergies…no reaction! After taking Kuzy home Pam has been a wonderful resource for any questions I’ve had. She truly loves her kittens and gives them the best care. Kuzy has been an awesome addition to our family. We are all very happy.

Thank you!
Chontal – Charleston, SC

April 25, 2015
I wanted to write to tell you how much we LOVE Zippy!!!! She is such an incredible addition to our family that we really can’t remember what our life was like without her! She’s now 5 1/2 months old and is so energetic at times that we are often ‘laugh out really loud’ entertained by her hilarious antics. The thing that surprised me, however, is how calm she can become, lying over our shoulder or in our arms like a doll. She howls at Claire’s door in the morning and runs in to wake her up and snuggle. I’ve even caught her snuggling with Chuck (shhhhh…..don’t tell him I told you:), the extremely skeptical cat daddy. She is growing like a weed and, interestingly, comes when you call her, just like a dog. We’ve had very vocal cats before, so I’ve been surprised at how quiet she is most of the time but she will let you know when she wants something. She and I go for ‘strolls’ (she’s in my arms) in the garden to watch the birds and squirrels and one of her favorite activities is watching the critters outside her window perch. We’ve gotten several cat trees at your suggestion and have loved watching her ‘zip’ through the house straight to the top! This has been the first time in our 25 years of having cats that we’ve had the cat trees and they have really saved our drapes and furniture.

I went a ‘little’ bonkers when Zippy arrived and bought a Pet Gear pet stroller (now deemed an essential), so when I call out to the family, ‘who wants to go for a walk?!”, Zippy runs and gets in the buggy. The buggy has flipped a number of neighbors out who thought we had a new baby (shocking at our age) but who are now ‘friends’ with Zippy and know her by name. The socialization your enthusiastic and active family provided Zippy as a kitten has to have contributed to her very social, calm, and interactive nature. She rides to school in the morning and is passed from carpooler to carpooler, snuggling with each child. We have also loved to watch the relationship grow between Zip and our 14 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd, Lilli, who turns into a puppy again when they play! What a joy it is to see Lilli ‘rocket dog’ around again:)

But, and this is the reason we tried a Siberian, the most amazing thing is that Zippy is truly hypoallergenic!! Claire and I have had no issues at all and our friends who have severe cat allergies can finally come to our house! But the best thing is that Claire’s grandmother, who dangerously wheezed with our previous kitties, has had NO reaction to Zippy and has actually volunteered to keep Zippy for a week at HER house while Chuck and I go on our 25th anniversary trip! Chuck is now a believer! We will never be without a Siberian kitty in our lives…Thank you!!!!

Looking forward to talking with about our ‘new addition’ soon!

All the best to you and your family (kitties included),
Deb – Columbia, SC

April 14, 2015
When I decided I wanted to get a kitten I had no idea what I was in for. I ended up getting the sweetest and loving kitten you could ask for. I have to attribute that to the way Pam raises her kittens. Luna is always right next to me no matter where I am in my apartment. She is very curious and loves to play. She is even like that around people she first meets. She is well behaved and started using the litter box the first night we brought her home.Deciding to get the kitten from Pam was the best decision I made. She kept me up to date with pictures and post vet visit reports. That really helped the waiting process. Finally the hypoallergenic aspect of the kittens is awesome. My mother stayed for a visit and normally she has such a bad reaction to cats that she has to stay in a hotel away from the cats. She had no reaction at all and got to enjoy the company of a purring kitten. I would recommend Pam to anyone who wants the purrfect kitten.
Justin – NC

February 5, 2015
I picked out a Siberian from Pam one year ago and he is a wonderful addition to the family. He has an AMAZING personality (which I fully attribute to Pam personally selecting the personality of the breeders and raising the kittens in such a caring environment). He loves to snuggle and is very playful and curious. Loves to be wherever I am. He greets me at the door everyday when I get home from work, purring away. He’s a real sweet heart to have around. If anyone is concerned about allergies, these cats are very hypoallergenic. My father has such severe cat allergies that he can’t even stay for longer than 20 minutes in a house that has a cat. However, my Siberian doesn’t bother him at all (I stayed at my parent’s house with my cat for two weeks over the holidays). He is also very sociable with other cats, if anyone is concerned about introducing these cats to a multi-cat household. He was determined to become best friends with my brother’s cat (who initially was not thrilled about this idea), and by the end of my visit, he had succeeded. Overall, I absolutely love this cat and am very glad I went with one of Pam’s Purrfect Siberians.
Ray – NC

August 8, 2013
Pam with Purrfect Siberians was great to work with and very helpful and patient throughout the process of selecting our kitten and bringing her home. She provided very helpful written guidance on all sorts of issues to help make the early transition of taking care of our new kitten as smooth as possible. She has also been very gracious and professional in her follow-up, sending several emails to see how things are going and offering to answer any questions.
Craig – Charlotte, NC

August 2, 2013
Pam’s kittens are purrfect! My two are healthy and happy and active. They are using their litter boxes, and since they were raised together, they play together and sleep together. Pam does not run a huge cattery, and she gives her full attention to her kittens and their parents. The cats all looked healthy and very clean and happy. I’m very happy with my boy and girl.
Nancy – Charleston, SC

June 13, 2013
We adopted a black and white tabby kitten at the end of March. For the past three months he’s been a constant delight. We decided on buying a purebred Siberian for their hypoallergenic properties, and for their alleged affectionate and ‘dog-like’ personalities. Since an animal’s behavior and personality is influenced by both genetics and environment, we searched for a breeder nearby that would provide both a wonderful home for the first weeks of the kitten’s life and a reputable genetic lineage. We knew we had found both in Pam when, upon entering her home, her cats immediately came up to us and began soliciting us for petting and affection in the middle of a busy house. Nogi shows the same great socialization and personality as his parents. The first day he was brought home we were expecting a shy, scared kitten that would need time to adjust to new surrounding. An hour after we arrived home I was curled up on the couch with this adorable, snuggly kitten. For the past three months, I have woken up with a purring kitten cuddling across my neck or on my back. When my boyfriend or I get back from work, Nogi runs up to us, kneads the carpet in the ‘downward dog’ pose and rubs our calves while purring contentedly. He enchants all the visitors to our home – even the ones who are self-professed “not cat people”. We love our kitten, and would not trade him for the world.
Elyse – North Carolina

April 9, 2013
I adopted a beautiful orange and white Siberian male kitten from Purrfect Siberians. He is a very sweet, extremely playful kitten – everyone loves him and he loves everyone. He LOVES children and is amazingly tolerant of very young children carrying him around and playing with him, and he is excellent with dogs – pretty much fearless. Socialization is so important – and Purrfect Siberians have created the purrfect conditions for a fully socialized kitten – thanks to the temperament of the breed combined with the excellent socialization with people, children and dogs. He also travels in the car very well, and has been on several road trips with me, adjusting to new locations very quickly. He even lets me brush his teeth (well, he chews on the toothbrush anyway)! I am thrilled with my Purrfect Siberian kitten!
~ E. B., Charleston, SC

December 18, 2012
I am so glad I found Pam. I was looking to bring home a Siberian kitten and stumbled across her website. She was so quick to respond to my initial email and all questions I had! I fell in love with the kittens and decided to bring home two. I could tell that these kittens had all the loving and socialization they needed. Pam took the time to let my boyfriend interact with her cats since he has allergies and he did great! She always made sure to keep me up to date on the kittens and sent me plenty of pictures of them growing up. Pam always is very helpful and I appreciated the Facebook site as well! I recommend her to anyone looking for a Siberian kitten to bring home!
Heidi, North Carolina

November 14, 2012
I recommend this breeder. I just purchased two kittens and appreciate that Pam was willing to accommodate my vaccine beliefs and request to delay neutering until six to seven months. She sent many photos of the kittens from birth up until I picked them up. Another breeder that I contacted had an extra $50 charge to send developmental photos. These kittens are socialized from birth with children/teens, dogs, and lots of company and they have the absolute softest/silkiest fur of any that I have seen. I’m assuming it is due to all the care and healthy diet the adult mommies and daddies receive. Very happy with these babies.
Caroline – Florida

October 7, 2012
Purrfect Siberians and Pam Hoover changed our lives. I have the most gorgeous 6 month old kitten that I got from Pam. When we got to S.C. to pick him up we could tell that he had been well loved and cared for. Pam gave us all of his records and some food and great advice on how to care for a Siberian. She made it so easy to transition from a no kitty house to having a new addition. Charlie is the light of our lives. He’s not our only pet but he’s definitly number 1. He makes us laugh all the time. He gets along terrifically with everyone and everything in our household. He’s a great companion at all times. I have allergies and have never been able to have a cat. Finding a Siberian has been the best and finding a great breeder and friend has been pretty terrific too. Thank you so much Pam.
The Keyser Family

November 10, 2011
I am one of the lucky ones who happens to be allergic to the chemical in a cats saliva and was turned onto the Siberian cat breed by my friends mom. I came across Pam Hoover with Purrfect Siberians while doing research on Siberian cats. After e-mailing Pam and her answering my questions about the adoption process that she has set up the choice was easy for me. I was getting a kitten.

I was able to adopt a female blue kitten. Picking her out was easy since she was the only female available and she happened to be the color I wanted to have in a cat. My biggest concern was getting her to me. Pam was able to find an airline that flies pet safely and I was able to pick her up from the airport that day.

The process was easy and Pam kept me updated from the birth of the kittens to the day she put Ruby on a plane to me. I loved that she sent me text messages of Ruby and kept her web pages updated with pictures of all the kittens. I hope to adopt another kitten in the future and will go through Purrfect Siberians when I do.

Heather and Ruby
Clinton Township, Michigan

November 03, 2011
This letter is in recommendation for Ms Pam Hoover at Purrfect Siberians. My husband and I have recently purchased a male Siberian 13 week old whose name is Nikita Mosey. This was my first purchase of a Siberian kitten. Ms. Hoover was very helpful and patient with me while I asked all the many questions I had regarding this new member of our family.

During the process of waiting for my kitten she was always so kind as to send many pictures of my new bundle of joy and gave me all the information I would need to readily adjust my new kitten to our home. We also have a German Sheppard and I was concerned there would be some conflict. Her advice worked wonders and they are now best friends, after only a few days.

Ms. Hoover has raises her kittens in a loving environment as part of her entire family. They are very well socialized and I must say Nikita is the most loving kitten I have ever known. Her concern for the well being of her kittens and their new forever homes even extends past her delivery of your kitten. She continues to be available to answer questions and send emails to make sure we are all adjusting well.

I would recommend Purrfect Siberians to any one who is interested in adding another loving member to add to your family.

Christy McBride
Flat Top, West Virgina

November 2, 2011
This was my first time getting a pet from a breeder, and I was a little apprehensive about buying a kitten that I had never even seen in person. When I saw the Purrfect Siberian website, I was drawn to the fact that the kitten would be raised in a home with a family, with his parents present, as well as children and dogs and people. Pam was very attentive and patient with all emails and phone calls, and I loved getting updates and photos all along the way. I finally have Biscuit, and he is a healthy, well socialized, and sweet kitten. He made himself comfortable in my home right away, and he is so much fun to have around. The people in my life with allergies have not had any reaction to him at all. 🙂

Pam, thanks for doing such a great job raising the kittens…I can’t imagine life without him now!

Naples, Florida